Emerging Angel - Bonded fused glass/leaded fused and antique glassEmerging Angel, 2004. 1.5m x 1.5m
Bonded fused glass/leaded fused and antique glass

This was a piece that I produced as part of my MA degree exhibition which exploited the process I had developed fusing feathers inside the glass. With this piece I explored using fusing in conjunction with traditional leading techniques (the right hand side) as well as in conjunction with modern bonding techniques (left hand side) to produce a more contemporary look.

It was my intention to produce a very subtle piece that would gradually emerge into the space with changing light conditions. When the sun changes direction and the light shines through the bubbles created in the glass by the feathers, it starts to shimmer and sparkle and come to life.

Please click on the image for a full view of the work.


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